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“I Am A Kid”

There are some things we learned as kids that are still stuck to us even as grown-ups.

That’s the idea of I’m a kid. This is a website that shows the fun of being a kid. It is aimed at the little ones at their early stage. They’ll learn a lot about amazing wild elephants, animals, places, nature and so much!

  • I’m a kid video is entertaining and fun, educational and enlightening. Nothing says development like sitting through the rich experience of our website.
  • Kids are really smart, we all know that, and hyperactive, too. This is why they can get bored real quick; but not to worry, our videos here are quite fun and engaging. And most importantly, educational.
  • After a series of I’m a kid video, your kid is sure to be knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. It’ll surprise even you!
  • Our videos come with cool, fun narratives and amazing animations that’ll keep the kids hooked and involved. It also has catchy tunes to keep them nodding and giggling all through.
  • I am a kid video brings the fun out of almost anything. The kids will interact with animals in the zoo, and in wild. They’ll learn about their habits and the various species. It’ll almost be like a real visit to the zoo!
  • If you think your kid finds birds fascinating, we have something on them. We also have lots of animals, like elephants.
  • We’ll even keep suggestions open just in case you want to request for a certain type of subject featured on our channel.

Learning is cool and fun, and with us, your kids will  gladly say ‘I’m a kid.’

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