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Hello kids!! We brought you another wonderful video by I’m a kid. This time we are going to watch Amazing Baby Elephants Making First Steps in a field of green grass. There are two of them. You will have lots of fun time with these newborn baby elephants and their attempts to stand up. By the way, these elephant babies are under the care of humans. But they remain in their natural habitats. See more videos on baby elephants at Amazing feeding time with a cute baby elephant | I’m a kid and Amazing Baby Elephant Routine in a Cage | I’m a kid 

“Baby elephants are initially blind”

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 Let’s have a look at Amazing Baby Elephants Making First Steps!!

Can you see these two baby elephants? They are newborn ones. See they have hairy skin, unlike big elephants. Also, they have a small trunk with a pair of floppy ears. They are trying to pull up their bodies. Obviously, their little feet need more balance and strength to lift their heavy bodies. They are trying their best to get up and walk. Keep on trying babies.

baby elephants trying to get up
baby elephants trying to get up

Ooh… kids, they fall one after the other. But never discourage themselves. That’s a good thing to put in our mind kids. Never ever give up. We can learn from animals too. Oops, one fell on the other’s body and that’s way funny kids. They stand for a while and again fall back on to grasses. Hope they aren’t hurting their limbs. See they are flexible.

Elephants falling back on to grass
Elephants falling back on to the grass

Say hurray for both of them kids!! they did it finally and now they are capable of standing on their feet. Further, they can walk too. Be careful buddies, you just kept your first steps and may not be strong enough to run a lot. Elephants are intelligent and adapt to environments quickly. They also have a powerful memory. If you hurt them in one day they will remember it forever.

Elephants finally stand by their own
Elephants finally stand by their own

“baby elephants weigh around 200 lbs and about 3 feet tall at birth”

And now what? They may be a little tired. Because they did a great big job. Do you also remember your first steps kids? Probably your mother will remember. That’s a thing you should celebrate. So cheers for our elephant friends, enjoy the happiness. Did you notice the people near them? Seems like baby elephants are asking them to come and play.

Happy baby elephants
Happy baby elephants

See the man is keeping his head on the forehead of the baby elephant. Aww… I guess elephants like that. Both elephants are friendly too. Elephants show their friendliness by holding their trunks up. Elephant’s trunk is a combination of its nose and upper lip.

Happy Baby elephants
Happy Baby elephants

Soon these baby elephants will try to jump into the lake nearby. Because elephants love water very much. But babies you are too young to get into waters alone. I think those people will care for them properly.

That’s it for today kids. Let me say goodbye to these cute baby elephants. We’ll come and see you once you are grown-ups.

Watch the full video of Amazing Baby Elephants Making First Steps below.


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