Amazing Bird friends in the zoo- Let’s go and see beautiful birds kids!!


Welcome back, kids. Can you remember our journey to the bird kingdom? Yes, we met lots of friends there. Who can tell me some friend we met there? Here let me remind you guys.We met soo.. many amazing friends like the “Macaw”, “mute swan”, “cassowary” and many Today we’re here to see the rest of that bird kingdom. I’m sure it will be fun just like the previous time. To see the first video about birds click Learn Birds at the zoo- For Kindergarten Children.

“There are around 10000 different species of birds worldwide”

To learn more about bird species click here

Follow me; I have some lovely birds to introduce to you.

Look at this beautiful bird, an “Ostrich”.They don’t seem to me like birds, isn’t it kids?it’s because they are the largest birds living on earth.  Ooh! I think she’s seen me. And there’s another one, la la la, minding my own business. Kids, did you know that ostrich lays their eggs on the ground? And they stick their heads into the ground to hide their selves from enemies. Amazing!


Ah, that’s a “black swan”. I’ll have that, she says. Hmm, tasty water. There’s something in my feathers. Kids, did you know that black swans are “vegetarians”? That’s right, she can use her long neck to reach for vegetables and seaweeds.also kids they are very good swimmers.Don’t forget to visit our black friend when you visit the zoo!!

the black swan
the black swan

Oo… Who’s that scary friend in the dark? That’s a “brown wood owl”. Shh, don’t make any noise.Did you know children owls are sleeping all day and awake all night? They are also very good hunters. Brown wood owls feed on small critters, like mice, and birds and even snakes! Bye Bye now.

kids it's a brown wood owl
kids it’s a brown wood owl

To learn more about swans click here

This is an “eagle owl”. She’s staring at us,  hello! Kids, Did you know that the eagle owl can prey on animals as big as an adult hare, or a young deer? She’s locked in a staring contest with us, don’t blink first! Ah, we won.Hmmm better not to be friends with scary hunters kids.Remember not to go too close to these guys.

eagle owl
eagle owl

Speaking of staring contests, these are “owls”. They are pretty good at staring contests. Owls are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night. So while you sleep at night, these guys hunt. Told you they were pretty good.Woow.. look at those big… scary eyes they have. I bet you don’t have such big eye children!!

Hey, That enough with the owls let’s meet a new kind of a bird friend, a “Chinese ring-necked pheasant”. He walks fast, there’s another one! They’re pretty shy birds.This is a silver pheasant, you can tell by the white feathers. This is a male pheasant. Did you know that they are related to wild chickens? Bye now, mr.pheasant.

“Did you know ostriches are the largest birds living on earth!!”

To learn more about ostrich click here

silver pheasant
silver pheasant

Grooming myself, taking care of my lovely feathers. Hey kids! That’s a “spot-billed pelican”, say hello. Kids, did you know, spot-billed pelicans have large throats that can be expanded like a bag? They use this to scoop up fish.


Oh, look at that white bird that looks like a parrot. Look at his crazy hairstyle. He is called a “Moluccan cockatoo”. And I think he is having lunch, yummy fruit. He is one of the most beautiful birds in the parrot family.

kids it's a Moluccan cockatoo
kids it’s a Moluccan cockatoo

So, kids, that’s it for today. I hope you had fun? Because I did. Make sure you try and identify the animals around you and see you next time, bye bye. I’m going to see if I can stare down those owls.

Watch the full video here



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