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Hello kids !! Welcome to another video of I’m a Kid. It’s another interesting day of I’m a kid safari, and we’re going to see some amazing bird friends from the jungle. I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends today. Well, it’s a flock of birds!!! Stay with me we can have lots of fun today. Let’s see what’s waiting for us today!! To learn more about birds visit  Bird friends in the zoo- et’s go and see beautiful birds kids!!

angry birds movie characters
angry birds movie characters

“Did you know all the characters from angry birds movie are birds except for the pigs”

To watch “Angry Birds” movie click here.

Let’s meet our new amazing bird friends !!!

Hey, kids! Check out those birds. Now you can see how many they are; try to count them–were you able to? You won’t because they are so much and when birds gather like this its called a flock. A flock is usually made up of this same kind of birds, both male, and females! Look at the jump.

Amazing bird friends
flock of birds

You can see their long orange beaks dipping into the water; can you guess what they are doing? That’s right! They’re Drinking, They’re feeding too.

Amazing bird friends feeding
Amazing bird friends feeding

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Tese amazing bird friends from the jungle use their long beaks to catch small fishes and seaweed.You can see this flock just flying around and relaxing by the stream. Say, kids, if you could fly or be among this flock, what would you do? You know what I’d do? I’ll fly around and around and then catch some fishes.

Amazing bird friends flying
Amazing bird friends flying

Speaking of flying, watch them take off. Now, kids, the good thing about a flock is that its safe. While some birds feed and splash around, others keep watch and whenever there’s any danger you’ll hear a screech and off they fly, into the sky.

birds fliying
birds flying

Do you see the way those amazing bird friends fly? That pattern is called a formation. Think of it as the line in a marching band; as the flock flies, the birds communicate with one another and fly in a formation and the same direction.

Beautiful flying birds
Beautiful flying birds

So, kids, next time you look up into the sky and see a bunch of birds flying close together, know that it is called a flock and they are flying in formation.Did you have fun today? Let’s meet in another safari. See you in another video of I’m a Kid. Bye!

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