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Hello kids, welcome back to I’m a kid video series. Today we have another fantastic video for you all. Just for you guys, we have planed an Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle. So today we will follow a giant solo elephant and see what he’s up to.I’m pretty sure we can enjoy all the things he does while he moves through the jungle.SHH…! kids don’t make any noise, otherwise, he will notice us. Okay then, let’s check it out. For more videos visit Amazing animal safari with kids | I’m a kid and Let’s have a fun with jungle buddies – Animal Safari time with kids.

Did you know the “ice age” movie also have an elephant character in it

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Let’s go for an amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle kids!!!

We know that elephants are living in the jungle. Look at those two elephants. Seems like they are friends or family. Both of them are grazing in the grass fields. Can you see that little cattle egret white bird? He is standing so close to those elephants. Wow, it’s amazing how he is not scared of them. They pick off any flies or insects from the elephant’s body. This is known as Co-existence. It looks like we’re learning so many new things today isn’t it kids? To learn much more new things about wild elephants visit Amazing wildlife safari with lots of animals | I’m a kid.

Oh, this elephant is coming to the river. Let’s see what he is going to do on that river. Look, kids, he is moving across the river and off he goes. Elephants love to play in the water. Wow, see he is climbing the river bank just like a small kid. This is wonderful. It wasn’t too hard for him.

Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle
Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle

Oops, now he is crossing a road and oh he goes up to that slope. I think you also have the same question, where is this elephant is going so hurriedly? Haha. I don’t know that either. Let’s move on with him to find all about it. Oh no, seems like he is lost and searching for his other elephant friends. He is going to the deep of the jungle.

Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle
Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle

“A young male elephant stays with the herd until he is about 15 years old. He then leaves and lives alone like most bull elephants”

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WHAT?? The forest is all empty and we can only see this elephant. I wonder where would be his family and friends. “Please, little elephant don’t feel lonely. we are with you.” Same as the human beings, elephants are very emotional. Sometimes elephants are more emotional than human. They are the most emotional animals in the world. Elephants feel sad and happy very much.

Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle
Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle

See our friend is moving on, but still, he finds is other elephants. Poor little guy. Hope he would be able to find them quickly. “Find your friends quickly little fellow”.

So, for today we learned so many new things. Two elephants were grazing on the grass. Mmmm oh a little bird was also there. After we saw an elephant crossing a river and finally going crossing the road he went into the deep forest to find his family. See you guys on another fascinating video of I’m a kid.

To watch the full video of the Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle | I’m a kid



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