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Hello kids!! We are back once again with another elephant video by I’m a kid. It’s not just one elephant this time. It will be a whole bunch of them. You can enjoy small ones, big ones and bigger ones enjoying their bathing time. This Amazing Elephant Heard Spotted in Bath would take your breath away for a moment. They are such a big gang who loves water than any other. See more video on elephants at Amazing elephant follow-up through the jungle | I’m a kid and Amazing day with elephant herds in the jungle | I’m a kid

“An adult male elephant can drink up to 55 gallons of water in less than five minutes.”

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Let’s Meet the Amazing Elephant Heard Spotted in Bath!!

Wow… what a huge group of elephants it is!! All of them are going somewhere. Look there are people behind them to guide through the journey. Since the elephants have large bodies, if they are not tamed, it is really hard to control them. That is why people who look after elephants have an iron rod in their hands. Where do you think these guys are going kids?

elephant heard moving to river
elephant heard moving to the river


Hey, they have to take a bath at the lake. There is a large number of elephants in this heard. How many do you think are there? Whichever the number, the people in charge of them make sure none of them will run out from their sight. See all the big buddies enjoy the river water. All these elephants are residing in Asia’s biggest elephant orphanage situated in Sri Lanka. They are given a special care here because people hunt these animals in jungles.

Bathing elephants
Bathing elephants

“Elephants can swim – they use their trunk to breathe”

Elephants cannot clean themselves alone. That’s why people have made special machines to spray water over their massive bodies. It would make sure the elephants have a full clean shower.

people spraying water on elephants
people spraying water on elephants

Ahh… see in the middle of the bath, they are also getting a little meal. They are all gathered as if there is some important meeting going on. They are fond of fresh green leaved- twigs. But I think they need more food for lunch.

elephants having a meal
having a meal

Another big elephant is resting in water. And the man is bathing him. I guess he feels comfortable when he immersed the entire body in water.

elephant resting in water
elephant resting in the water

Hey kids, do you think there would be crocodiles in this water? I don’t think so. But if animals are in danger, these people will always ready to make them safe. See the elephants are also drinking and playing in the water. Elephants can consume a lot of water at a single time and can stay without water for days.

elephants enjoying water
elephants enjoying water

This is how our amazing elephant heard enjoyed their bath. Wanna see the full video of Amazing Elephant Heard Spotted in Bath, see below.



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