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Hello kids!! This video is brought to you by I’m a kid. Today we came up with a video full of hope. Can you imagine what it is going to be kids? Yes, we are here to show you how some kind-hearted people helped a baby elephant to get out from a deadly situation among the foliage. So yeah, this is going to be an amazing elephant rescue mission. Thank god that humans saw you baby-elephant. If you are interested in baby elephants, don’t hesitate to check out our amazing videos Amazing cute little baby elephants | I’m a kid and Amazing little baby elephant’s feeding time | I’m a kid

“100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts”

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Let’s go and see the story of this amazing elephant rescue mission!!

Wonder what this baby elephant is doing inside a muddy pond? Do you think he is just enjoying the mud? No dear kids, he is trapped in that muddy pool and is trying to find a way out from that place. But it seems to be a difficult task for him. He is still a baby… ooh how poor he is. I feel so sad for him. Don’t you kids?

Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission
Baby Elephant is trapped

As a miracle of God, this accident was seen by a set of people. They are trying to help this little elephant by putting some logs into the mud pond. But the log looks too heavy even for two people. Now they must be thinking of another way to help this elephant friend.

Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission
People trying to help him

See kids, it melts our hearts with the way it calls for more help.

Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission
Baby elephant calling for help


“Elephants have highly developed brains”

Do you also think how this baby elephant ended up in this pond? Maybe he was roaming in the forest for food, or perhaps maybe he has lost his way. Ohh… kids, his mommy maybe crying without him. There is always a little hope for him since humans are trying to make a way out. Otherwise, it is impossible for him because pond walls are slippery with mud.

Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission
Trying to get out

By the way kids, did you know elephants love mud? They love to cover their skins with mud to protect from insects and harsh sun rays.

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Great kids, see finally help is there. Soon the elephant would be able to get out. Using this machinery, people are carefully lowering the pond wall so that elephant can easily come out. Looks like the baby elephant knew what’s going on. Hey little intelligent buddy, wait for few seconds and you will be free and you can reach your mommy soon.

Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission
Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission

There are times, we need others’ help for sure and we must also help our best to others’ goodwill. Now the elephant is trying to get out. See his courage. He is such brave fella. Go on buddy you can!! Yes finally we all did it together and mission succeeded.

Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission
Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission

So kids, time to end another brave story. Never lose hope and keep doing good for others.

Watch the full video of Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission down here.

Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission
Amazing Elephant Rescue Mission





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