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Are you ready for another fun time out? I’m sure you will get so excited when you hear where we’ll visit today! Follow me! We will check on some amazing elephants today! But not in the zoo but in the forest!!! Amazing right!!!!!!!!!!!Now let’s go and explore and have fun! We need to catch up with some elephant herds!!! To watch more videos like this one click here

elephant cartoon
elephant cartoon

“Only one mammal can’t jump — the elephant”

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Let’s learn about these amazing elephants in the forest!!

The greens of the forest; very vast and… green. The forest is home to many kinds of animals, but today we’ll check out a big friend of ours. Can you see them? Look – behind the trees, there’s something moving. Let’s get closer. There, can you see them?

Elephant herd
Elephant Herd

Ah, here’s another angle. You can see a herd of giants moving through that brown patch.
Ah-ha! There they are. There are six of them moving around in the greens. You can count them. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six…

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Now, kids, its fun to note that our friends always travel in herds, they always have one big family.Look at the swinging of that trunk.Did you know that they can lift heavy objects with their trunks? Wow! And it acts like a straw when they drink water, and they also use it to take grass into their mouth and feed them selfs like a spoon, Amazing!

amazing elephants with swinging trunks
amazing elephants with swinging trunks

Kids, check out their big floppy ears! I bet your ears aren’t that big. Alright, here we can see the elephants moving along a patch in a single line. These giants can travel a long distance every day in search of food and water.As long as they’ve got their travel buddies.

elephants moving along a patch in a single line
elephants moving along a patch in a single line

Oh, kids! If you look closely you can see a little elephant. The baby of an elephant is called a calf.The babies always travel between the older ones. Now, Their babies are always protected by every member of the family; it must be really nice and safe in there. Go, family!

Horton the elephant
Horton the elephant

Did you know kids the cartoon character “Horton” is also an elephant

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Yeah! We’re close now. Six big ones! Do you see how they stay close to each other? These giants always like to have the herd around and close by; this way they can fight off dangerous predators and travel longer.Off they go again. Say bye to them, kids. Bye Bye!

close-up of six amazing elephants
close-up of six amazing elephants

Okay, kids, that was exciting!! Isn’t it?? Then see you in another video of I’m a Kid.

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