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Hello kids.It’s time for another fun video with I’m a kid.Today we brought you an amazing video of an elephant family.I’m sure you will love to see the amazing happy elephant families.So why are waiting, let’s start our today’s visit! ah! I forgot to mention you, kids.There are some beautiful sceneries as well.Rember kids, don’t ever harm these innocent animals.Look how happy they live. Come on now kids! To Learn more about elephants visit Amazing Elephants in the forest  | I am a kid

An elephant
An elephant

“Did you know Elephants are the largest animals on land”

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Let’s go and meet the Amazing happy elephant families !!

Alright kids, let’s go check out this herd of Amazing happy elephant families. It’s a lovely day to relax and slowly eat grass; that’s what our friends are doing.As we can all see here, these elephants all seem to be relaxed and feeding lazily. Just like when you guys pick at your breakfast.

Amazing happy elephant families
Amazing happy elephant families resting in the grass

The herd always sticks together. I think that one knows he’s got an audience, check out his pose.
Yum yum, I love the taste of grass in the afternoon. Well, I didn’t say that our friends did.

Amazing happy elephant families
Amazing happy elephant families eating food

Woah! Look at that big one by the fallen tree. He’s moving away and, oh, he seems a little bit dusty, I wonder if he’ll need a shower. Oh wait, he’s stopped…and I think he’s coming our way.

Amazing happy elephant roaming alone
Amazing happy elephant roaming alone

Let’s follow these amazing happy elephant families and see what they’re up to. He’s walking along, strolling in the nice evening. I bet he’s whistling a tone as he swings a trunk. Oh, wait, elephants can’t whistle.

elephant moving away
elephant moving away

I wonder where those amazing happy elephant families went? I hope he’s not lost. Well, off he goes. Let’s say goodbye to him and hope he finds his herd. Bye Bye.Had fun today, right kids?See you in another video of I’m a Kid.

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