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Hello kids!! Once again I’m a kid is back with a brand new video on elephant stories. Maybe you have already gone through lots of elephant-related videos from I’m a kid. But this one would be much more interested as we are going to keep our eyes on how a heard of elephants would feed themselves in the forest. We are going to watch them so closely that you will feel like you are actually hiding in a nearby foliage. Wouldn’t that be nice? Come on kids, lest’s have some Amazing time with feeding elephants. Thought of more elephant videos? you can always visit Amazing cute little baby elephants | I’m a kid and Amazing baby elephant’s meal time | I’m a kid

“Elephants have poor eyesight but an amazing sense of smell

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Let’s spend some amazing time with feeding elephants!!

What a big heard of elephants there is!! They seem to be very happy and fond of green grass around them. Elephants love to feed themselves with grass as well as tiny branches from trees. They use their trunk to pull out the grass from the land. Once the entire heard is together, it is a very interesting sight for anyone. Bit by bit they will slowly move into the forest looking for more food.

Amazing time with feeding elephants
Elephants in a heard

Have you seen elephants are used to lift heavy objects? That is because they have a muscle in their trunks. Elephants can also stretch their trunks to a great length. That is how they reach for taller tree branches. Hey kids, did you see the baby elephants walking together with the heard? They always stay close to their parents like human babies. Now that is a lovely sight.

Amazing time with feeding elephants
Amazing time with feeding elephants

Entire heard seem to be one whole bunch. Probably they are very busy with eating out the stuff they found. These elephant buddies seem to be enjoying their delicious meal.

“Elephants waive their trunks up in the air and from side to side to smell better.”

Look at carefully kids… There is a baby elephant near its mommy. He must be drinking milk from his mamma, just like you!! But one day, he will also be a grown up. By then, he must be able to live on grasses and plant twigs. That is why the mother elephant is trying to feed the little one with a bunch of plucked grass. So these young ones depend on their parents for food and protection. Their family is this heard and they will care for young ones until they are grown. Once they finish off eating grass at one place, they will roam to another, looking for more.

Amazing time with feeding elephants
Caring for baby elephants

Kids did you see, this family of elephants has more than five elephants? The number of young ones is high too. And bigger ones guide them throughout their journey. Every heard of elephants have a bunch of giant elephants. They are the leaders of the heard and will direct others where to go when the right time comes. Kids, isn’t the way they talk to each other wonderful?

Hey, look at that elephant. He is reaching a branch high up. See how he uses his trunk to pull it towards his mouth. They are very intelligent. Once they cut the grass they shake that bunch of grass to and fro. Do you know why? Because that will throw out dirt, dust and other unedible stuff from their meal.

Amazing time with feeding elephants
Amazing time with feeding elephants

Time to wave goodbye to our elephant friends for today. Probably we will catch them in camera again without harming them, to enjoy more behaviors of them.

Reach for the full video below.

Amazing time with feeding elephants
Amazing time with feeding elephants


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