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hello kids.Today I will take you to meet some special friends. Want to know who are we visiting today? Wow… look at that amazing tusked elephant !!! I bet you haven’t seen one of them before.Let’s see what these giant fellows are up to.To learn more about elephant visit Let’s go and watch some beautifully happy elephant families.

Horton the elephant
Horton the elephant

Did you know the Famous character from “HORTON” movie is also a tusker ??

Let’s meet our new Amazing tusked elephant !!

It’s a giant tusker and his friends!We’ll have a close look today so stay with me.Let’s check out what they are up to! Woah! Check out that large elephant with the long tusk. Watch it stroll through that muddy land – its tusk is really long, right kids?And look at that trunk, hmm someone must have been playing in the mud.Oh wait, he’s turning back.

Amazing tusked elephant
Tusked elephant

Kids, this elephant is so big and strong that it’s not really afraid of that bulldozer. Can you see how long its tail is? He’s walking away now.

These Amazing tusked elephant and his friends
elephant near the bulldozer

Alright kids, here we can see our friend and his friends. I guess he told them about us. It seems like they’re waving at us by flapping their ears. Say hi to them, kids.

Amazing tusked elephant
Amazing tusked elephant

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Kids! Look, I think he’s posing for a picture, and wait for it…there! He’s splashing around.Did you know these Amazing tusked elephant and his friends love water? They love to drink and play around in a pool; just like us. Oh, look! It’s like a shower spray.These Amazing tusked elephant and his friends can hold in large amounts of water in their trunks and spray it all over their bodies.As you can see, he’s keep cleaning and trying to wash away the mud.

Amazing tusked elephant
Amazing tusked elephant spraying water

Hey, where’d the other elephant go? He sure loves his shower, right kids? Did you see that? Remember at home when you tried to pour water on your brother or sister? He just tried to do it now.

Amazing tusked elephant
An amazing tusked elephant trying to spray water on friends

These Amazing tusked elephant and his friends form strong bonds and friendships with one another that lasts for a very long time. just like us! Alright, now it’s just Amazing tusked elephant left. Okay, there he goes now; let’s follow him a little bit.Bye, now, mr.elephant!Had fun today, right kids?
See you in another video of I’m a Kid.

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Amazing tusked elephant going away
Amazing tusked elephant going away

watch the full video here.



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