Hello Kids, Let’s meet our new friends from the water


Hello kids, today we’re going to learn about some wonderful species that live in water. Isn’t it amazing kids, living their whole life underwater? We called them Aquatic animals.Did you know these little sea friends comes in different beautiful colors and shapes?  let’s go and check who’s waiting for us today.I’m sure you’ll enjoy this soo much!!

“Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream” 

Malcolm Muggeridge 

Kids meet our first aquatic friend “Discus”. Woow!! Look at those beautiful colors in their body. Did you see that amazing shape they have? It’s funny that their body is just like a disk. Kids that’s why we call our little friends “Discus”. look our little friend is eating food.Isn’t it amazing how they feed inside water? Remember kids our discus friends always like to keep their friends closer to each other so they can protect themselves from scary hunters!!

Discus fish while feeding

Hey, kids look scary, isn’t it ?? Meet the scary hunter in water a.k.a Mr. Zebrafish are also known as the lionfish. See those scary little spikes on him. It makes him easy to swim while haunting. But kids don’t be afraid he makes no harm to you. Our little buddy lionfish only eats small fish to fill his tummy. Remeber kids he doesn’t have many friends like you guys. He just swims through water alone. Isn’t it sad?

Lionfish swimming in water

Say hello to our next shiny friend. He gets his name form his remarkable sparkles on his body. Kids, he shines just like a foil.Hey, guess what? so they named him as the Tinfoil Bard. Come on kids let’s say the name again “Tinfoil Barb”. They move like you kids going to school. Remember kids these little friends of us will eat almost anything that fits into their mouth. Isn’t they greedy?

“Fishermen own the fish they catch, but they do not own the ocean”     

-Etienne Schneider

The silver dollar fish is a silver, round-shaped tropical fish. Look at them, very peaceful; Silver dollar fishes are very peaceful and they always live with friends. Kids, did you know that they can live up to ten years?

Oh my gosh!! is that cat swimming in the water? No kids meet your next strange friend. He may have whiskers just like a little cat So we called our next aquatic friend Red-tailed Catfish.kids did you notice their brushy little red tail.

Now, kids these fishes are known as green Chromides. Aww! look, how quiet and peaceful they are.Don’t get mistaken kids they are not sleeping. These beautiful fishes can fit nicely in your aquarium tank. I sure would love one.

Who’s this wired bunch of friends? these bunch of friends we have is called as the Denison barb. Kids, did you see that red line they have in there body? That’s why we also call them as Red-lined torpedo barb. Isn’t it great to have more than one name kids?Just like you guys.

Look at those colors, no wonder these fishes are called the new Guinean rainbow. They can swim for a very long time and love to keep friends.

These little guys are called the Cuming’s Barb. They are silvery in color and have two spots on either side of their body. That’s why they call them the two spot barb. Now you know. Don’t even try catching one of those, they’ll just swim past you. Look how fast they can swim kids. Did you see how fast it turns? Just like you guys are playing around.


Wow, how awesome is this?! Do you know who’s this friend that carries a shell on his back? That’s right you have seen him before, isn’t it? Yes, it’s a Turtle. Did you know kids this guy is the worlds biggest species which has a hard shell on his back? that’s surprising, right kids! Now, who knows what they like to eat. Yes, their favorite food is the seaweeds.

That’s all for now and don’t forget you guys can visit all these new friends you met today at your nearest aquarium, kids. I hope you enjoyed our time underwater? bye! bye!

Watch the full video here



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