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Hey there kids!.Today we are going to make some new friends from the bird kingdom. Birds are an amazing group of creatures. Do you know kids because of their lightweight body and colorful feathers they can fly? All birds have different shapes of beaks.little once that’s how they take their food from their cute little beaks. Hurry up !! come with me. I’ll take you to a tour of the beautiful bird kingdom.To learn more about birds go to Amazing bird safari video for kids.

Birds from RIO movie

“Did you know Spix’s macaw found in Rio cartoon is only living in Brazill”

To watch the Rio cartoon click here

Kids say hello to the Bird kingdom !!

Let’s see who’s the first friend we meet today. it’s a Sulphur-crested cockatoo. Say hello to Mr. cockatoo. Oh look he’s eating something. Children remember most of the time all birds love to eat fruits and veggies, except for some scary haunters. Our friend here, Mr. cockatoo can be taught to talk.Yes, that’s right you heard it correctly.They can speak. isn’t it amazing kids? I bet you you’ll love to have one of them in your home

kids its called a cockatoo
kids its called a cockatoo

I’m sure you’ve seen him before.Yes, little once that’s a parrot. But it’s not just any regular parrot guys.He’s called a “Macaw”. He loves pineapples. Our friend here also a very intelligent companion. Kids, just like the previous friend we saw this one also can say ‘hi’.Wow… look at those colors.

To learn more about Macaw click Here

kids it's a Macaw
kids it’s a Macaw

Hey, fellows meet our next colourfull friend! We call him “Lory”. This little friend also comes from the same parrot family just like the friends we met. Did you know guys lory birds are usually found in Australia and some parts of NewZealand? kids if you are from there I’m sure you will definitely meet these little

kids this is a Lory bird
kids this is a Lory bird

“The parrots are one of the things that charmed us when we moved here”

 -Peter Katz   

Oh my, that beautiful white bird is known as a “Mute Swan”. fellows look how calm they are? Swans are very good swimmers and they can dive underwater too. They usually eat seaweed and get this, they are great fliers. Hey Mr.swan, look this way..uh, maybe next time.Isn’t it great to have such calm friend kids? They swim through the water just like boats.

kids it's a mute swan
kids it’s a mute swan

Who is this friend with a strange beak? Kids look how fascinating shapes and colors these birds have. Do you want to know the name of this amazing strange looking creature? His name is “Spoonbill”.Children no wonder why they have that name with that bill like a spoon.

kids it's a spoonbill
kids it’s a spoonbill

Hey!! enough with the small friends. It’s time to meet a huge friend from the bird kingdom.Meet the gigantic birdy “cassowary”. Remeber kids don’t get much closer these guys are somewhat angry. May me it’s because they can’t fly.Yes, kids sometimes some birds in the jungle can’t fly. We called them flightless birds.

To learn more about cassowary click here

cassowary bird
cassowary bird

Now back to parrots. These are what we call the “Eclectus parrots”. Wait, those two birds look completely different. That’s right kids, the male and female Eclectus parrots totally look different. I hope they don’t know we’re staring. Do you see that green one? That’s the male, and the colorful one is the female. Weird and amazing, isn’t it?

male and female Eclectus parrots
male and female Eclectus parrots

Wow, these are cute, aren’t they? These species of parrots are known as the “Budgerigar”. You can see their long tail and colorful feathers. They love seeds, a lot, and they make great pets.That’s a lot of cute parrots.Do you hear those chirpings? I think they’re happy to see you.


“Caged birds sing of freedom, free birds fly”

                                                            -Thorolf Rafto

That’s a “Malabar pied hornbill”. Can you see that large thing on it’s bill? That’s where they get their name. Looks heavy to me.

Malabar pied hornbill
Malabar pied hornbill

Kids, look, that’s a hill mynah”. Did you know that they can actually mimic your voice? Try whistling around one and they’ll whistle back. I can’t wait to try it.

Wait, this bird looks familiar. Yes, that’s a “Raven”.They aren’t always white. This is a rare white Raven.

kids that's a Raven
kids that’s a Raven

Exciting! We saw lots of parrots and amazing birds together. I hope you come back next time. This is I’m a kid.You can always find Kids & Nursery learning videos on our channel and We would like to know your ideas through comments for future videos.The video is copyright protected, If you are an independent artist, organization or private company who would like to use our video for any purposes doesn’t hesitate to contact us.Subscribe to our channel for high-quality Kids & Nursery learning videos and latest updates.

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